Browser Extension Listing Web Errors

Web development can get tedious and some errors that one makes may not be recognizable on the first sight. Some require prerequsites and special conditions to appear. Some may even appear later on in the run of a website. Recognizing and fixing errors in tome may be a major pain.

One of the ways to make this error mitigation easier is the Browser Extension Toastlog! It has been made by a developer that had exactly the same problem and found using regular developer tools as not sufficient. Once it’s activated in the browser, it shows potential errors in a website. One can access small icons at the bottom right, that show errors, logs and warnings, if there are any detected.

What’s important is that Toastlog is easy on the browser and CPU, while it does bring a lot of useful input. One can filter based on the type of messages or errors, or the identification of the row and location of the detected error. If one needs to search for additional know how, one can also start a Google search from there. The whole thing is very useful especially if you update your site, and a golden tool for just about any web developer!