Affiliate Promo Tools that Deliver

When it comes to conversion, every click and every step in the way counts. You don’t want your user to leave the process, selecting the correct promo tools is crucial then. A Sign Up Box is one of the most important parts in the whole conversion process, as this is the gate that brings one the initial lead.

This is especially useful if one can use the SignUp Box on one’s website / blog etc. without leaving it. The sign up (incl. email and registration info) then takes place at the original site, with further info and instructions to use the product sent to his email.

One has an option to use these custom generated Sign Up Boxes with imaXcash  – including customizing their look, font, colors and items to be filled. One can set this up in the affiliate area, and export the code for one’s website. Including a preview, and an option to save – so one can save his preferred Sign Up boxes for the latter use.