Payment Options that Make a Difference

When it comes to localization for various markets, it’s not just about the site usability, solid translation, native speaking support. What can make all the difference is what payment options are used. While the credit cards work for most of the Western Europe, there’s a whole lot of local payment options that may need to be included, in order so that the product fulfills its potential and brings optimal returns.

This is a major part of the localization process with our offers, while it’s an absolute necessity to provide a suitable product and its language version coming from native speakers, the at least equally as important stage is the payment options research. Many countries do have specific traditional payment options that have a wide coverage, thus require an extra integraton.

But the rewards in this case are often imminent, not only that the customer finds his preferred payment method, he also finds one that he trusts and is used to pay with online. A wide and localized payment options offer does often mean a major boost when it comes to the conversion rates, and is one of our recipes for success at

The easier it is for the customers to pay and upgrade their membership, the more returns and earnings this means for the imaXcash affiliates!