3 Basic Points for Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

Making money on the web is a game of numbers, and that for a long time already. No matter what tools or what sources you use for your paid advertising, the basis must be in place. The funnel from attracting traffic towards the conversion is a long and rocky road, where the basis have to be covered.

While one generally does have an eye for improving an ad campaign whenever one sees it, come up with tips and reviews for others. There’s, however – always a danger of “professional blindness” – meaning that one doesn’t spot the very basic issues that even non-professionals may. Let’s recap 3 basic points that are always worth repeating.

  1. Technical Issues
    it may sound like something everybody does check, but missing graphics, fonts, formatting not suitable to the target device, or whatever else details – that’s a huge no no and a sure campaign wrecker.
  2. Design / Usability
    even if you’re using one of the older or proven designs, keep in mind that checking the usability multi-device and asking someone to give you personal feedback never hurts. A small change after reviewing the sign up page / process etc. on mobile can mean a huge difference in the final numbers.
  3. Loading Time
    Surprisingly often, the loading time still is often an issue! Every extra mili second translates very negatively into the ad performance. More than 3 seconds of loading time is an absolute no-no.

These are just three of the most basics that one may want to cover and never underestimate when it comes to online marketing campaigns.