Chrome is Furthering its Market Share

It used to be a must for web developers to test every website in all the available browsers to see whether there are no content / display issues. The same way as one today has to test on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Internet Explorer used to be the prime web browser where one needed to have everything fine tuned, other browsers used to have a solid market coverage as well, and were often quite distinct.

The situation today is somewhat different – there’s not that much in the way of difference among the various browsers available on the market, when it comes to the user interface and features / add ons availability. How fast a browser is is a factor, since the less resources it consumes, the better. What the recent trends show is that Google not only dominates the search engine market, but Chrome also grows its market coverage.

Netmarketshare just published its results from June with Google Chrome reaching more than 70 %, the highest amount ever recorded. Microsoft Edge (the Internet Explorer follower) follows with 8.1 %, a slight increase. Firefox with 7,6 % increased its market share as well. What’s interesting is that 4,5 % users still use the unsupported Internet Explorer. Which is approximately 1% more than those who use the Apple’s Safari browser. The rest is mostly regional.