Sublime Text – A Treat for Developers

Whoever works online, no matter if programmer himself or just needs to adjust a snippet of code in a script here and then, needs one thing – a solid Text editor. One that enables one to keep a good oversight, and doesn’t consume too much resources. A very popular solution here is the Sublime Text. A resource savvy text editor with plenty of intuitive features that make one’s work easier.

Sublime Text is especially popular among developers. Among its many features are of course the Syntax-highlighting, that recognizes pretty much all available coding languages. Snippets and code preview are all on board. Among other practical features for the advanced users are the search and replace option, one can also select multiple parts using the batch-select in order to edit swiftly.

Another big plus is the usage of key shortcuts, one can open or switch between different documents, or jump to a particular part of the text content. A very useful feature that enables full focus is the full screen mode, where all the other apps or notifications on the screen are not available. And this is just a digest – check the website for a more detailed features overview.