Do you use Profile Advertising?

While this may sound like some sort of a corporate term, and it may even be one, in our case we talk about imaXcash and its online dating properties. When it comes to promoting online dating, targeting is key – whether you run a website with a particular focus or try to aim at a certain segment with your media buys, it always helps to pre-select the online dating profiles that you’re about to present to them.

All one needs to do is to sign-in into the affiliates member area and go to promo tools, profile advertising. With plenty of targeting options – such as gender, age group, region and so on. One can also select whether to use individually selected profiles or groups based on particular criteria selected.

One can then export using xml, or get individual links including one’s webmaster ID. That way you may get a tailored selection of profiles for promotion and effective pre-selling. Don’t shy away and use our profile advertising in order to boost your conversions and earnings!