Link Influence Score: What you need to know!

Do you know your LIS? No? You absolutely should! The LIS (Link influence score) hints at what influence does your link profile have on the search engine rankings. A must for anybody who deals with link building. ILS is one of the features available in the free of charge Open Link Profiler tool. This is something that makes the link building more complex, however it also greatly helps to keep an overview and focus when it comes to link building.

It makes no difference whether you do link building for yourself or offer it as a service. Open Link Profiler is a great tool to keep you on track. The analysis for a domain consists of an amount of backlinks, including their source. Among other parameters displayed are the anchor text or if these are a follow / no follow links. In addition, one can also see when was the link added, and what is its site’s theme. This is very important for those that care about a related content.

This tool has everything one may need to know about his link profile for a quick check or overview. Of course there are also more complex tools available, but if one wants to keep an eye on the most important metrics, this free tool will do. Especially if one wants to take a look at the link profile of competitor websites.

The principal question is of course whether one should even invest so much time into link building in the first place. According to Google, link building is no longer this relevant or essential as it used to be in the past, and as so many still believe it to be. Of course a good backlink profile can be just what cab make the difference