What Customer Types have Online Dating Success

There’s countless tips when it comes to succeeding in online dating. Including all sorts of surveys and studies. Recently we’ve stumbled upon a survey conducted among 2 800 German singles and their online dating habits. It appears there are four different categories of online dating behavior, two if which are successful, and two of which are not.

These successful groups include singles that intensively communicate online. These bet on communication and come off as authentic. They’re open about what they wish and look for. These take online flirting as something natural. The other group that has success are those who aim for a real life meeting early. They don’t beat around the bush, but aim for a meeting in person. If it doesn’t work out – they move to another candidate.

The two groups that are not so successful are those that can’t decide what to reply. Once the communication doesn’t flow the success is simply not there. Another group that doesn’t get much success online are those who do not engage at all and simply wait until someone contacts them. This approach with no initiative doesn’t really work either.

These are important findings for anybody running a dating site and one reason why we put so much focus on making the communication and user interface as simple to use as possible. No matter if you’re looking for a partner or for an adventure – our system delivers both with ease. The holding times with our products available in imaXcash and the paid upgrade conversions deliver just that. Which in turn makes money for our affiliates.