Get Free Heat Maps and More – Clarity

When one builds a new site it’s always a process and to have your goals and purpose of the site in mind. Is this supposed to sell a product, to build your email lists? That’s how we structure the page and often A/B test the page. The big question then is how the actual users behave on the site and how they react on this.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine now offers a very handy Open Source Tool, that may give you a hand – Clarity enables a replay session where you can review the user behavior. There’s a heat map, as well well as a scroll map, and mouse movement and clicks mapping.

This should give one a very good idea about how do the users behave on the site, no matter how cool one’s site is, or how one may think it is. It really is useless if the site doesn’t fulfill it’s main purpose and users don’t react on the call to action. As a side feature – these tools also immediately make you catch any sort of malware, as that’s immediately visible from the user’s POV.