Push Marketing Delivers!

While there’s more and more users who are not likely to download a new APP just for being able to use a product, or a feature. There is an easier way to reach out to one’s customer’s on mobile / smartphones – and that’s Push Notifications. While these are a given with any APP out there, there’s a way to utilize these effectively on the web as well.

Why does email marketing still work this well, and why many prefer messenger as a means of communication with their customers? It’s relatively easy – any amount of users that were not in contact with the brand or Company before, may opt-in, keep in contact, and become new potential clients.

That’s the power of push marketing when it comes to web browsers as well – as soon as sone opts in on a particular website, he is eligible to receive messages, and if these are crafted well – this can make a lot of difference. Solid advantage is that one doesn’t even need to visit the website in order to keep track of the offers or news.

Another big plus is the ease of acquisition – a one click confirmation is all that it takes in order to receive the push notifications. Opt-out is just as simple. Common experience says that the opt out ratios aren’t this high, and if there’s a solid text used, the click through rates may easily reach two digit numbers. This is especially true once a discount or special pricing is in play.

There’s a whole lot of push marketing providers and many offer a free trial use for marketers willing to test their solution. Up to a certain amount of users – this is especially useful for those willing to test and compare to see whether push marketing works for them.