Email Marketing in Promoting Online Dating

While the email has been one of the very first marketing tools ever used in online marketing, it’s one that never got old and ineffective. The targeting options with email are major and it’s a way to target just about everybody using a medium that they use on a daily basis.

There are downsides with using email as well, especially with the coming saturation, many users receive more unwanted email than what they are really interested to see. No matter what, email is still a huge money maker and an essential part of everyone’s online marketing mix.

We at imaXcash not only offer you proven email templates to use, but we have a whole team that manages email lists for third parties as well. All one needs is a high quality and active email list, with IP’s origin and a timestamp. When it comes to email – there’s a whole lot of know how under our belt.

If you posses an email list that you don’t really monetize, or where you aren’t satisfied with your results – reach out to us and we can see if we can find a fit!