Google Drive – Work Remote and Securely

Ever since the last couple of months, the importance on working effectively and combining a home office with regular office. What ma be challenging is how to best keep one’s documents accessible if one uses more than one workspace, or device.

Google drive aka GSuite is a safe bet used by many businesses and makes for one of the easiest way how to share data and documents. With a couple useful hints, one can get more out of this. One feature that business may find crucial is the  Secure File Encryption Add On. Since one can simply choose his preferred way of encryption before uploading.

One can of course also use a particular password in order to limit access to certain a data sheet or document. On top of that, one an also put an end date to the access he grants. As for a potential removal of an important data sheet by mistake, Google drive stores as many as 100 versions for a document within the past 30 days. While you may likely use Google Drive – this is a handy tip on order to make sure you work securely.