Get the Most out of your Landing Pages

Landing pages are a fundamental part of one’s successful online marketing mix, no matter what vertical is one involved in. Their goal is to always sell a concrete and exact offer, which would otherwise be difficult, if advertising the website as a whole. Of course you should do your best to make sure that the user is interested in the offer already before he lands on the landing page itself.

Those who don’t have this much experience utilizing their own landing pages may have various questions about their optimal use:


Of course this is where the landing pages really matter, a solid segmented email list, proper email templates and a suitable landing page can make wonders here. Don’t forget the importance of the email template – it’s a crucial factor here.

Media Buying

The landing page is typically the second point of contact (after a banner / text ad, or similar), it is your pre-selling pitch and absolutely crucial for the success of your campaign. Same as with banners, also with landers you can A/B test several in order to see which one works the best.

Social Media

Are you building audience on social media? Excellent! But if you want to make that audience buy, using a proper landing page is what can make all the difference. A landing page is where you can also apply tracking in order to evaluate the traffic you get from social media.


A landing page and a blog – does it fit together? It definitely does! If you write an informative article or an advertorial you should definitely include a call to action linking to a suitable and a corresponding landing page.

As you can see the options are countless and one can get really creative in the use of landing pages. Of course you don’t always have to build your own – for example if you promote our top performing dating offers at imaXcash you can choose from a variety of rigorously tested landing pages. We don’t offer anything that we wouldn’t test ourselves to work!