Preparation for the Winter Season

The winter is coming close and it’s a unique opportunity to analyze and work on improvements when it comes to your online marketing mix. Although this year is in no way typical it never harms to get back to the basics and go over some fundamentals in order to double-check whether your business is on the right path.

The number one on the to-do list is of course your website. Is everything up to date, is everything functional, do you want to tweak some things? Analyze the stats a little bit? While one focuses on getting more and more traffic it’s optimizing the website that can make all the difference when it comes to ROI.

Are your offers still up to date? Are there new products or best sellers that you need to advertise? Did you try the new and advanced promo tools available? When it comes to Winter one can also adjust the promotion to the season, bonuses, themes, season specific arguments – you name it.

Let’s make even more this winter – no matter what the circumnstances!