SEO for Pictures Search – Not to be Missed

Have you ever analyzed whether you get traffic also through Google pictures search? Are the pictures on your website optimized so they may get targeted traffic? If not it may be something worth checking out. When it comes to entertainment and dating the visuals are extremely important, a properly selected picture or thumbnail can make all the difference.

As the old saying goes – a pictures is worth 1000 words and when it comes to websites and online marketing this is absolutely valid. But it’s not just about selecting the correct pictures, it’s also about making them optimized for SEO.

It is advisable to offer the pictures not only as a thumbnail, but also in full size. The file sizes should not be too much though. The faster these load the better, with a solid quality. If this is set one also needs to add some additional information – file name, title, alt-Tags – one needs to describe the picture factually, and to fit within the context of a website.

For example when it comes to dating – “young couple dating” makes more sense than just “young couple” etc. Everything needs to be of course verifiable as Google has tools to recognize descriptions that would not correspond with the content of the picture, and this wouldn’t work. If you want to check yourself how much Google knows from a single picture – you can check here in Google Cloud Vision!