Turn Free Users into Repeat Customers

One may ask why do we prefer the free to pay registration model with our dating sites. The reasoning behind this is quite simple, most people simply want to test a product before paying for it. What happens next is to make it as simple as possible for the users to get their paid upgrade, if they desire so.

Of course when it comes to online dating the market is very competitive and very saturated. One needs to deliver a cutting edge product not only when it comes to fulfilling the basic proposition behind online dating but also when it comes to usability and payment options available.

Once you get a free registered customer, it’s just a start of the whole cycle, even if they’d abandon the site or forgot to re-login. They will be reminded and encouraged to return the site and browse the profiles of interested singles. No matter whether he upgrades as an active user immediately or as a repeat visitor – you still get your commission!