3 Tips How to Grow your CTR

Put up a website, advertise it a little bit and cash in? That’s how it used to work in the past time from time, but today no longer the case. Especially if one wants to make a steady income. When it comes to what has to be in place in order to succeed, solid CTR (Click Through Rate) is what is a must.

CTR is the first step in order to make money. Once you buy advertisement, the CTR is the initial point of sale, as it describes how many clicks you get from a certain amount of impressions. But this is not just something related to advertising, in fact your website or landing pages too have to be optimized for a high CTR, where you need it.

Of course it’s impossible to say what sort of CTR is a good CTR in general. There are however figures available for various niches and online marketing branches. While the ad or presentation always needs to be relevant to what you sell, one thing is for sure – the higher CTR the better!

Three simple steps to review in order to improve your CTR may be the following:

1. Use the Right Pictures

A picture us worth a thousand words, to pick the proper Eye-Catcher may be a deal breaker when it comes to breaking even in online advertising, or when it comes to getting the user to click what you need him to click on your site or a lander. Choose the size and placement properly, to make sure the user can’t ignore it.

2. Suitable Call to Action

CTA is a must but which one will work the best? It surely should be relevant to the value the user gets from your offer. While it’s impossible to predict a winner, to A/B test a couple of variations may be the way to go.

3. Use Heatmaps

Do you know where do users use your website and where do they center their attention? Heatmaps will enable you to find out more and get inspired regarding what gets attention and clicks.

Even a very small change can be the deal breaker when it comes to CTR, so keep these three points in mind in order to reach better results!