5 Tips to Boost Your Conversions with a Proper Sign Up Form

When it comes to conversions and registrations, a properly designed Sign Up form can make all the difference. Some are simple, some are more complex, all depending on how and where are they used. But for one it’s extremely useful to take a deep look at your sign up forms and how could these be made better.

Here’s five points that may help to boost your sign up form conversions:

1. Sign Up Form as a Part of the Design

It’s surprising how often the sign up forms don’t seem to fit with the rest of the design. The sign up form should look native to the website, not to raise suspicion, and to make for a smooth user experience.

2. Less is Often More

While the design should not turn the customer off, it should definitely not be over-done either. Stay away from anything that could distract the customer or could disrupt the sign up process.

3. Structure Means Success

The form should be as intuitive as possible, with logical structure. Not to put unnecessary processing on the customers that are already about to sign up.

4. No Unnecessary Fields

What data do you need from the user? Do you really need personal data such as address etc.? Can this not be postponed for later? As a rule of the thumb – the more fields the less success ratio, when it comes to sign ups.

5. Clear Formulation

The very frequent issue is that the user stops filling out the form, simply because he doesn’t understand what’s required from him. A formulations that are word rich and not clear, wrong translations – that all can mean an end to the sign up process. Keep it simple, clear and to the point.

One could continue further, but these 5 points should get one covered when it comes to designing an effective and high converting sign up form.