Online Dating – a Future Market

A basic question for every business segment is whether there is a market for it, and whether the market is stable and with a perspective. How does online dating fare? Well one can pretty much expect that people will not stop dating anytime soon, let’s take a look at several recent predictions.

It has been said that, by 2050, as many as four out of five singles will look for an affair or a relationship online. And the amount of singles over 65 will grow disproportionally. At least according to the experts at the Imperial College Business School in London. So based on this, promoting online dating should continue to be a sound business decision.

The average age for an online dating portal user should, by that time, grow from 38 to 47 years. There should be even a wave of the so called “silver singles” coming, meaning those in the age of 65 – 85. As many as 78 % of them will have experience with an online dating portal.

The online dating market is not about to go away, however, as with every other branch, it may be changing and evolving, that’s why it’s important to stay on top of the coming trends. One example is that we have just released brand new dating offers targeted at the 50 + audience in imaXcash!