Google’s Anniversary Marks a Story you Would Never Believe

Did you know that it is exactly on September 15th, an anniversary or birthday of one of the most valuable domains of all times? It’s been 23 years already, since Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain name. Certainly a big milestone in the internet and business history. Well it is not that long ago that when a situation right around this domain arose.

Imagine that you own one of the most valuable internet domains of all time, and you forget to prolong its registration. As crazy as it sounds – this is exactly what happened with five years ago. A little glitch in the human resources process caused that the domain, registered and renewable for $ 12, expired. An ex-employee from Google registered that for $ 12 and shortly owned it. Before it was transferred back to the original owner.

Apart from this, there are other dates and anniversaries at Google, the official “birthday” is on September 27th, the day the search engine was officially launched. The third date that’s been celebrated is September 4th, the day the Google Inc. was founded.