4 Tips to Increase Your Workspace Productivity

Exactly at this time, when the Christmas adds to the challenges of an already extremely challenging year. Sometimes you may wish that a day has more than just 24 hours. It’s not only about being able to get the work done, but also to save time for relaxation, sport, or anything else you may enjoy. It never harms to take a look at what some of the most successful people recommend – check these 4 tips:

  1. Morning Routine

What you get done in the morning often shapes the whole day. You don’t want to end up catching up on things in the evening or late when you already planned a time off.

The morning should have a predictable routine. Ideally integrating calmness, some physical activity and focus. Many highly successful people practice a meditation, a work out, or reading as a part of their morning routine.

Then it’s very common to focus on the most important things that need to get done. Only after these are done come the miscellaneous activities, such as emails, social media, channels, stats checking etc.

2. Habit Creation

Besides the morning routines, it never harms to create a habit out of any repeating tasks. An example of that may be to check one’s email exactly three times a day, and link it to a pre-defined time. Such as after the breakfast, after the lunch, or after the coffee break. One can set up a similar habit for any repeating tasks.

3. Focus

While some do boast about their multi-tasking abilities, there’s nothing that beats focus and concentrating on one thing only. This is as clear as a day and one should never cease to guard and preserve his focus any way available.

4. Energy Management

This is not about electricity, but about our personal energy levels. We all function differently at different times of the day. Since this is very individual, it’s very important that you know when you have your enery peaks. And preserve the high energy times for challenging tasks, and low energy times for mundane tasks.

If you need an energy boost, sport or a simple walk is always a good way to refresh one’s energy levels. If you need to clean your head, meeting one’s friends is a safe and proven way to do it. Don’t forget that plugging off is exactly as important as plugging on.

Of course these are just the four essential things that may make one’s work life more productive, which in turn makes his life better overall. Don’t forget that the quality of life outside of work is always equally as important!