4 Small Hacks to Help You Sell Online – Neuromarketing

Marketing or selling a product is a complex thing, one can research, use a common sense and intuitive approach, study the competition or do a huge formal study. Anyway, there’s a couple of hacks that work more often than not and that make sense to revisit time from time.

Especially in the area of online dating, which may be a somewhat more of an impulse buy, one should take this into account. Web is an exciting medium and there’s a lot of factors that come into play when purchasing online. Some may be surprising. The so called “Neuromarketing” is a whole stand alone discipline, let’s point out a couple hacks though.

When it comes to pricing, while most know that 9.99 sells better than 10.00, did you know that 20 sells better than 20.00 ? The more digits, the higher is the number perceived by our brain. The price will also be perceived as lower if it’s placed in the lower part of the website.

Another trick that delivers is to use a sense of urgency. This is useful in web as one can creatively work with various deadlines. Such as “this offer is only valid until…”, One can also offer a limited amount of sales for a lower price for example. There’s a lot of creative ways to make the offer urgent.

A crucial factor is the selection of photos – not only should they be appealing, but one can even use pictures where a person looks or points at a particular offer, to make it stand out.

When it comes to text – rhyming is what one remembers the most, and numbers are generally perceived more strongly than letters. Therefore the right use of numbers is the right match to catch one’s attention.

As you can see, it’s small details that can make your copy sell better than ever – time to take neuromarketing seriously!