Enjoy the benefits twice

You will have already noticed: We have expanded our portfolio at imaXcash and we are now offering you not only for a few country offers, but we closed the year after accelerating our offers and now we can give you the opportunity to offer in 21 (! ) countries. With dating offers from imaXcash where you can make a lot of customers happy.

But how do you get customers from all countries? For the US, this may be quite easy, and England is not a problem either. But what about countries like Norway, South Africa, Ireland or others? Because the ideas go out quickly and you do not really know where to get the right target group. But there are also great solutions for this!

Many traffic networks offer attractive test packages for different countries, where you can really do nothing wrong. There are traffic at a small price and the packages are not so big, so you can test not only the traffic, but also the new countries in our program. Especially for countries, which are not advertised so often, you can make real bargains – and on the other hand with our offers and 70% Rev-Share its well deserve. So benefits are equally enjoyed twice and you can only really win.

Just check it out!