January best month in dating?

There are always times over the year, in which the dating business runs better to others. Although most of the dating is spared by seasonal fluctuations, eruptions can be noticed here and there. And as we have read today, large sales growth should be possible in January. At least one reported a news page from Switzerland.

According to 20min.ch, dating platforms in January receive up to 50 percent more intake than the yearly average. For these figures, operators of different dating websites were asked about their experiences and everyone were very enthusiastic about the current visitor storms, which of course also flush more money into the cash registers. The interviewees partly see the family time at Christmas could be a topic. Many singles are then besieged with questions about a partner and feel thereby a force. It builds up frustration and then perhaps if they are going into the new year alone, the desire is great to change something.

On the other hand, in January, however, many relationships also break. Again, the Christmas time certainly plays a role again, because the time is often infused by arguments. Also many relationships, which one wanted to actually end already, are still pulled out over the Christmas time and the yearly change, only in order not to be alone. With the new year, such things are more likely to be tackled. This also explains the inflow of dating sites.

A look at our statistics shows: In adult dating you are probably not quite exposed to the seasonal fluctuations and trends. Of course, we saw an increase in the number of members in December, and the trend is also up in January, but we do not depend solely on the time. Our new offers in more than 20 countries now also plays an important role here.

How are your experiences? Can you see fluctuations depending on the season?