Niche Dating continues to trend

For a long time, it was perfectly adequate to promote offers with flings, sexdating or similar. In this way, you attained all interested users who want to live out their preferences and search for a platform on which they find like-minded people. But the more offers available, the more users want. Today, not all meet under one roof, but also look for special offers for special preferences. This is reffered to as niche dating and has been around for some time now.

With a particular preference, it is not always easy to find the right partner. Even on adult dating platforms you have to look closely and accept a cancellation before you get a hit. This is why the desire for offers, where their preference is the main focus, is growing ever greater. This is especially evident in the fetish area, but now it is also taking place in other niches.

We have recognized this trend a long time ago and created with SMKontakt an offer for German-speaking users who like something more special. And the success was not long in coming and continues until today. This is where all those who can do something with mainstream sex only to a certain extent and live their preference among like-minded people.

Another example of niche dating at imaXcash is MILFDating. The product went online last year for the German-speaking market and has also inspired many webmasters, who can easily monetize their MILF traffic with this offer. So it makes sense to look more closely at niche dating and filter the traffic behind. Not every niche, which seems interesting at first, is then profitable later on. But we constantly test different niches and if it is worth it, there will certainly be seen by us more soon!