More and more websites are hacked

It has never been so easy to create websites. Thanks to various content management systems (CMS), pre-built websites and one-click installations for hosting packages, virtually no knowledge is required to launch an offer. It would be desirable, however, when running the operation a bit of knowledge would be appropriated – then there would be much fewer sites hacked and the evil boys might perhaps direct their energy to better activities 😉

According to Google, last year the number of hacked websites rose in contrast to the previous year by 32 percent. Even if there are no absolute numbers here, it does not take much imagination to imagine the crowd. Google sees on the one hand the ever-increasing criminal energy of the hackers, on the other hand also a clear misconduct of website owners. They use far too often obsolete software and do nothing else to prevent the simplest hacker attacks from security measures.

Google itself informs webmasters about the search console, if a problem is detected – and more than 80 percent of the webmasters have also responded and freed the websites from the malicious code. A non-small part cannot be informed, however, since the pages have not been verified by the search console. It is then only hoped that the webmasters themselves recognize the problem and act. It is particularly nice, by the way, that Google not only informs, but also helps to fight against hacker attacks. In addition to a documentation on common attacks, there are also specific tips that can be removed from the hacks.