South Africa inspires the webmaster

The new offers for various countries have been available for some weeks now in imaXcash and have certainly inspired our webmaster. We have heard from a variety of talks, especially a country for (positive) surprises: South Africa! Most webmasters had not noticed this before.

After the launch of the product for the country, the first attempts were very promising, so some webmasters have focused on generating more traffic in South Africa or finding new traffic sources – and that has paid off. The conversion rates are really great and as it looks, this will be even better in the coming years.

South Africa is an interesting market, which will continue to grow in the coming years. At present, approximately 55.8 million people live in South Africa and the average age is just 25.7 years. The affinity to the Internet is high due to the young population of the country and statistics show that also the online dating plays a role.

For casual dating in South Africa the people pay currently about 3 million dollars per year. Forecasts show that in the year 2021 a market volume of 5 million is expected – so there is an annual growth of 7.4 percent.

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