A / B testing for everyone with Google Optimize

Without A / B tests today runs almost nothing. To always generate new traffic it is only possible if the conversion fits and the visitors also become customers, otherwise the money and the time for the effort could be used better. However, A / B tests are not always easy to implement and the tools are often very expensive. Google now offers an alternative: free A / B tests with Optimize.

Optimize could test by some people already in the beta version – now the service from this has gone out and is available to all free of charge. Thus, anyone can make free A / B tests, although the free version is of course limited. Thus, for example, only three tests can be executed at the same time. Without limitations, but with payment, Optimize 360 can be used – the enterprise tool for A / B tests.

As Google emphasizes, the use of Optimize is very simple and easy for everyone, even if there is no experience in the field of A / B testing. The foundation of Optimize is Google Analytics and only one additional code line is needed to get started. The tests can then be created via a visual editor, which can only be used with the Chrome browser.

If you have not already worked with A / B tests on the conversion, there is no excuse for finally addressing the issue. Even small changes can affect the conversions massively and thus bring a lot of money!