Canada loves online dating

Canada is a dreamland for many. The almost unbelievable expanse with a rather low population density attracts dropouts. Also for winter sports, Canada is known far beyond its borders. So far, however, hardly anyone knew: Canadians loves online dating as we offer it with imaXcash for this country.

There are more than 14 million singles from over 36 million people in Canada, and there are plenty of women and men who miss the kick in their relationship and do not mind sweating their lives with a fling. Since 2010, the online dating business in Canada has been growing steadily. Statistics speak of an annual growth of about 6 percent, but it is far more felt. In the group of 18 to 34-year-olds there are now 36 percent who use online dating services and these figures are sure to rise rapidly in the coming years.

These are the best conditions for good business in Canada, right? We also thought of this and launched a product for the country last year. And it turned out that not only the cold winter was responsible for the fact that in the last few weeks it was really going around – Canadians are simply fond of online and flirt as often as they can.

The great interest in online dating results from various factors that come together in Canada. On the one hand it is the already mentioned low population density. In some areas there are not necessarily many ways to find suitable dating partners outside the Internet. Also the mentality of the Canadians play an important role. Although they are very open and also openly appeal to strangers, the courtesy of all contacts is incredibly important and a certain distance is maintained. So it is not always easy to go the next step and just one night stands suffer from the good manners.

Online dating is an easy way to find the partner for your own preferences and wishes, while loosening the rules that are otherwise applicable. You should now take advantage of these benefits and write the promotion of dating products in Canada immediately on your agenda. Sign up now at imaXcash and get the links that will help you start your sales right now!