WordPress update can harm Affiliates

Even if it is rather rare in the adult industry: some affiliate programs rely on the referrer when it comes to the allocation of sales. If this is the case, problems can arise for all those who are using WordPress and have installed the latest update. Since then, certain links are provided with the attribute rel = noreferrer and thus no longer provide the information necessary to assign sales.

But what exactly is behind this message, which is currently going through the social networks, forums and other media? Many operators of WordPress pages like target = “_ blank” for outgoing links. This is a common practice to keep the users on their own sites for longer. Unfortunately, in connection with this attribute, there are also some security gaps that can be found in WordPress with version 4.7.4. close. For this reason, the attributes rel=”noopener noreferrer” were hanged after each link with target blank. So the security gap is closed – but unfortunately, the referrer is no longer handed over.

For some partner programs, the suppression of the source leads to the fact that remuneration can not be made, since the sales simply can not be allocated. But that is not the only problem. Other affiliate programs (for example, Amazon) do not need the referrer to allocate, but do not allow their referrer to be obscured by their terms. They simply want to know where the sales come from. You are therefore (unconsciously) offended against the terms of the system.

As it currently appears, the problems with the links fortunately do not occur anywhere, but only where the links were directly placed from the WordPress editor. Also, probably no old links are affected, but only newly created. In any case, it is worthwhile to take a look at the posts in the WordPress installations and look at how the links look there. To solve the problem there are already first unofficial plugins and approaches – in the coming days surely also safe measures are presented.