Nothing on with Google?

At Google something rarely new happens, it has quickly become clear that updates were no longer perceived as such, and on a whole the feeling that the search engine provider is only about scrapping pages. But changes? No, they do not exist. Do the perceptions and reality match here?

Do you know this: You are thinking about a topic that is interesting, it’s hovering around in your head and is not immediately forgotten. A short time later you will get more information on the subject and it feels like it’s everywhere. So it was synonymous here with the statement that Google does not really do something. In my head I went through the last few months and tried to remember larger and visible changes. A few of them fell into my head, but it did not really matter to me either.

Today, I came across an article that reported the number of changes Google made in the last year. There are 1653 search changes. Calculating that, the 4-5 changes are daily! A considerable number. But these changes does not simply happen. They were based on 9800 live traffic experiments, over 18,000 side-by-side experiments and more than 130,000 search quality checks. Google has announced these figures themselves, do they tell us which changes it is exactly, of course, not.

However, every day there are slight changes in the search engine, even if we do not notice and honestly, this is not always bad. Great updates like penguin and similar keep us busy enough, so we do not have to know about every little change. So it is much more relaxed. However, we must also be aware that not only the penguins and other Google animals can decide about our success, but also what we do not really see or feel. This is why it is best to keep track of positions and competition whenever the search engines are used as a traffic source.