Dating in “Bella Italia”

In Europe, Italy is mainly a very popular holiday destination. Culture and relaxation go hand in hand here and there is something to do and enjoy for everyone. But in Italy, not only holidays can be made – the country, which has the shape of a boot on the map is more than just suitable for business. The Italians are also known for their passionate nature and the desire to flirt!

At present, around 60 million people live in Italy, which is a very large European country, where tourism plays a major role. The Italians are especially admired for their temperament, which shows in all areas of life, and of course also in dating. It is true that the Italians are very family-minded and therefore start relationships very early, but faithfulness is not taken seriously. Nearly half of all married Italians reported in polls that they had already gone astray. The number of those who do not admit it is much higher.

Even if the Italian men are known for flirting with beautiful women in the street, they are still more reserved, if it is really to go on the next step. That’s what they do, especially when they are in a relationship, but they prefer to be more discreet – and of course, the online dating is an option. There is really a lot going on in the dating offerings and also the Italian women have their fun to go online in search of an adventure.

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