Great Launcher for Windows

They’re so small, inconspicuous helpers who actually make working more comfortable day by day and also save a lot of time. Launcher can be such helpers and if you work on a Mac and use ‘Alfred’, you know what we’re talking about. Well, Windows users wouldn’t have to do without such a great tool – because there is the Wox Launcher!

What does the Wox launcher do? In the end, not much. It displays a small command line, if desired, and then you can specify the program or the file with the name you want to open. Even during the input the possible programs / files are suggested and can be selected. Usually, only a few letters are needed, instead of clicking and searching through different directories with the mouse.

But the Launcher not only makes working on your own computer easier, but also online. For example, if you type ‘g’ in the command line, you can then write a search word and start Google search. With a large number of other plugins offered on the website, you can extend the functions so that you can use Bookmarks with the command line or even Spotify.

Once you get used to this nice tool, you really shouldn’t miss out on it, because it saves enormous time. Instead of searching for things, you simply call them over directly and do not even have to take your hand from the keyboard.