Facebook allows surveys again

Although the surveys were extremely popular with owners and also fans of Facebook pages, Facebook had discontinued the function a few years ago. Since then she has been painfully missing. But that is over now because the polls are back and they are even offering the function in some places more than was previously possible. Making the owners hearts of Facebook pages beat faster because cleverly used, the surveys certainly bring a lot of coverage.

Only recently, it was revealed that Facebook has bought the survey app tbh, which was very popular amongst the teenagers, especially in the US. The announcement of the acquisition explained why Instagram was given a survey option a few weeks ago. Now it is also possible again on Facebook pages, to learn more about the user with questions and answers or just to provide entertainment.

The new surveys, which can be used on the desktop as well as mobile, do not have much in common with the “old” polls. For example, it is no longer possible to offer many choices. More specifically, you have to limit yourself to two answer options. But these can be deposited with a gif or other images. The gifs of course generate a lot of attention and can also provide good entertainment for the users.

Especially at the present time, where many complain about a big break in the organic reach, the new surveys are a welcoming change to the previous contribution options and are therefore already being used actively. But you should not overdo it – even if the surveys are well received by the users. If you use them too often, it can quickly become boring again and it’s over quickly with the reach boost!