Quirky dating facts

It’s no secret: When it comes to online dating, the profile picture often decides on success or failure. If you want to score points with the partner you have to convince visually. In addition to the actual image of the person, but also the environment in which the image was taken, is often something that attracts attention as well. Since the profile picture is so important, there are always studies about what others like particularly well and what you should rather refrain from.

This theory and practice does not necessarily fit together and is shown daily in online dating. Although everyone knows what kind of pictures are well received, quite different ones are used. We always see it again and again when we review our dating offers or work on improvements. There are sometimes profile pictures that you would have never expected we find that to be very bizarre. Other dating experts have since made their thoughts and taken this as a reason for a study.

In total, for a study of profile pictures totalling 22 million online dating users from 16 countries were evaluated and boy were there so many surprises! Thus, only in male profiles pictures of chili peppers were shown and cucumbers are often found in photos from lesbian women. Very bizarre is also the fact that not only many pictures with tanks were published, but that there are even more women than men who pose with the war vehicles. However, that might also explain why only 4.5 percent of men smile on their profile picture – they may be a bit intimidated by how the women perform. Also interesting is that men like to show horses or dance. So they’re talking about activities that they suspect, are well received by the female sex. The women are a bit more direct. They like to show themselves sexy and not only in beautiful underwear, but also hot bikini or fetish clothing are popular outfits for the photos.

Of course, there are many more insights about the pictures in online dating, but that would probably go beyond the scope here. Therefore, we can only advise you to inform yourself and just to see what the users are saying. Even so, you learn more about his customers!