Facebook simplifies transnational marketing

It has never been easier to reach customers not just in their own country, but much more anywhere in the world. Websites and thus also offers can be built multilingual without any problems and especially digital content is also sold internationally and it does not create any significant additional work. It’s not always that easy with marketing – sometimes you have to think a little bit around the corner or create campaigns for several countries individually. With Facebook, however, this is now easier!

Anyone who uses Facebook Ads to advance their business can now look forward to organizing their campaigns internationally without any problems. Facebook has introduced new advertising options that are sure to be usable soon, paving the way to new countries. For example, it will be possible to implement advertising campaigns via dynamic language optimization. If you previously needed a new ad group for each country, you can now easily set the ads yourself in up to six different languages. If several languages ​​are spoken in one country, Facebook ensures that every user sees the right ad in his preferred language.

What’s also easier is the work with the Lookalike Audiences. They too are no longer tied to a particular country, but can be applied to several countries at the same time. Anyone who does not yet know where the potentials are at everywhere in the world can analyze new markets via Business Insights. So you can quickly see where you can achieve the highest possible profits with little financial commitment.

This really opens up completely new possibilities, which, above all, bring with them a great deal of time savings since it is no longer necessary to treat each country individually. So if you are planning the marketing strategy for the next month or the next year, you can pick up on the changes and maybe do the first tests on previously unused markets – after all, it has never been easier!