Chrome extends integrated protection

With the Chrome browser, Google is constantly trying to meet the needs of the user in the best possible way but safety always comes first and this was already evident in the past. Thus, the Chrome browser filters with an adblocker already advertising which was classified by Google as unacceptable and popups are blocked as well as autoplay functions. But apparently Google is far from where they finally want to arrive because now more protective features have been announced.

According to Google, the following versions of Chrome should make surfing even safer and avoid unpleasant surprises. For this reason, three new protection features are implemented, as announced now. The main changes affected are redirects, methods for clearing the pop-up blocker transparent overlays and similar tricks.

In the case of redirects, Chrome will prevent transparent overlays or iFrames from triggering unwanted redirects without the user actually consciously triggering them through interaction. Instead of direct forwarding, there is an info bar for the users. Also, it should not be possible in the future to override the PopUp blocker by clicking on a link that loads the target in the new window, while the current window is forwarded to another page that is not wanted by the user.

Other tricks, such as those used by some website operators, are also recognized by Google and should not be tolerated with the following Chrome updates. If, for example, an affiliate link is obfuscated with play buttons or the like, Chrome will no longer accept this. Whether the new protection functions on the own Website to the application come, you can find out over the Search Console. There are reports available in January and you have 30 days to make changes – otherwise Chrome will be active and suppresses new windows or tabs itself.

With that, many website owners are likely to have plenty of work to do at the end of the year in order to reshape the websites, if the very money is being made through the use of such elements.