Remove text formatting by clicking

The copy and paste of texts is probably done on a daily basis. Either you copy texts on the computer back and forth, or you just copied an entire article to read it later. Many also write blog posts in Word or something similar, for example and then copy them to the blog editor. No matter how and why we copy texts back and forth, we all know the annoying formatting that you take with you and then later clean up again. When working on the computer, a text editor often helps as an intermediate step – if you are on the move and use a smartphone or tablet, it will be difficult.

No more annoying formatting from texts take out – a dream of so many. With the online tool TextCleanr this dream can come true. Just copy text into it and seconds later annoying formatting is removed. Well, you can do that with a text editor, but it will immediately remove all formatting, whereas you can set it against TextCleanr in advance, for example, if paragraphs or HTML should really be taken out that helps immensely at work.

But not only here is a strength of this tool. Another is definitely that it can be used just as easily on mobile devices. Here, too, the handling is very simple and allows you to choose which formatting is omitted and which should be retained. There are also nice extras like the Find & Replace. All in all, the tool is a very useful helper in everyday life, which saves a lot of time and especially spares nerves!