Are men no longer interested in online dating?

What makes men happy? This question is asked not only by some women, but also by University College London as part of a study for a men’s care company. The study involved around 2,000 men aged between 18 and 85, answering a range of questions from different areas of life. Many things were confirmed, which we all know anyway – but there were also surprises.

For example, the study found that married men are happier than anyone else – and singles are far less satisfied. Especially if they are still under 30 and one reason for this dissatisfaction is the online dating. These men find it too easy to get a sex date and miss the flirting and contacts far from the superficiality of online dating. So it was said at least in an article to the study.

In any case, these are interesting statements that we, of course, particularly envisage. After all, with imaXcash, we even offer some dating products ourselves and want to continue to succeed and help webmasters make good sales. As much as we analyze the statistics in our system, there are no numbers to suggest that men are less interested in online dating. On the contrary, as expected, user numbers are increasing towards the end of the year and the male members in our offers are also more active, sending more messages and so on.

What do we conclude from this? Apparently, the number of men frustrated with online dating is much lower than shown in the study. Or the numbers in the study are really only for the UK, and in other countries men are just happy to get sex dates quickly instead of complaining about it. In any case, online dating is still well worth it and we do not expect any negative changes in the coming years.