Messenger marketing on the rise?

E-mail marketing has been a constant in the marketing mix for many years, and one of its advantages is that you come directly in the recipient’s private mailbox and can even transmit messages in a personalized way. That’s simply not to be outdone – especially because it’s unbeatably reasonable and you can always reach customers again. But there are opportunities for personalized marketing that can compete with email marketing: messenger bots.

Especially in the field of adult entertainment, you have always been far ahead when it comes to the use of automation and you also found ways to automate chats and thus simulate the exchange with the customer. But these options usually had a catch: the customer had to actively initiate them again and again, so for example enter a chat room, write a message in the members area etc. So the initiative had to come from the customer and thus it was more of a kind of entertainment and no marketing. But that’s different with messenger bots. Currently, they are mainly used in conjunction with the Facebook Messenger and designed services and thus offer the opportunity to land directly on the customer’s Facebook Messenger and thus as a push notification on his smartphone.

The possibilities offered by the chat bots are already extensive – and will probably take on different proportions in 2018 because messenger marketing is one of the important topics for next year and it can be assumed that also soon simple solutions for WhatsApp and further networks will be offered and thus the non-Facebook users can also be reached. Incidentally, it should be very positive for the user that an optin is required and at any time a word is enough to stop the reception of messages again. This works against spam and Facebook is currently looking very closely at how the Messenger is used with bots. If you go the wrong way, you are quickly locked.

In the adult business, it is of course not easy to implement the messenger marketing due to the content – but with a bit of creativity can also find great opportunities that offer the user entertainment and positive reception.