Online dating is a future market!

Since the Internet more and more determines our everyday life, the business areas seem increasingly degenerate to trend, which can quickly bring in money but then within a foreseeable time simply disappears from the focus of people. There are many examples of this. In return, there are also topics that are always up to date and will work much better tomorrow than they did yesterday and that definitely includes online dating.

Four out of five singles will search the Internet for love & affairs by 2050, with the number of over-65s rising dramatically. To this conclusion came experts from the London Imperial College Business School. They worked with an online dating site to gain first-hand data. From that came the prognoses that make us all happy. Finally, it shows that together we have made the right decision and set a business with which we can still earn money in many years.

According to the latest findings, the average age of online dating customers will increase from 38 to 47 years by 2050. It’s also clear that a wave of “silver singles” between the ages of 65-85 will see the largest increase in online dating – as many as 78 percent of them will at least go online looking for love or fun at least once. And that too is positive, because with age, the payment power usually increases and a 40-year-old prefers to spend a monthly amount than a 20-year-old. This will also have a positive effect on sales.

However, it is important that you do not just sit back and count on the money with all the beautiful views. For those who want to be successful tomorrow also have to recognize and implement trends in dating at an early stage and be open to new technologies. So we all know that online dating today is not only used by the computer, but above all mobile. And future-oriented technologies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, will certainly soon play a role as well. So it’s about constantly evolving – and we’re the right partner!