A / B tests bring success!

When we think back to the early 2000s, we always have to smile wistfully. At that time, it was enough to create some pictures and flashing buttons as a design. The users were thrilled and bought. Today it looks quite different. To turn visitors into customers, you have to come up with far more ideas. If one then believes that the design is ready, the actual work begins by A / B testing the layout of the graphics, call-to-actions, navigation and more, always with the goal of getting the best conversions.

Without tests, nothing works today. Visitors are demanding and are seeing so many offers and visual stimuli every day that it’s getting harder and harder to grab the attention and get a lead. Even in a headline, the position of a button or the color of a graphic can make a big difference, so testing never stops, because things always can get better.

However, these tests are not just restricted to the websites, but also to any advertising material, the email marketing and of course the member areas. If it works well for one country, then question is, what will work even better in another country – because here, too, cultural differences are noticeable. Thus, running A / B tests is one of the most important success tools at imaXcash! We are constantly testing everything that we offer to our partners as well as our customers and before showing anything new, it will be put through its paces internally and not released until the conversion rate meets our requirements.

Thus, imaXcash is constantly on the move with all offers and advertising material and often only very small things change that are not noticeable to outsiders – but are reflected in better sales. Incidentally, this technique is used by just about every company. Only in this way is a further development possible can we then ensure that you can still make good sales of our products next year.

Have you already had experience with A / B tests?