5 questions to ask for 2018

Our job is extremely exciting and is constantly evolving. The only constant is the non-growing popularity of online dating. A lot can be built on this basis, but also a lot of flexibility is required. Again and again, it must be checked whether the alignment is still right, which marketing channels or methods promise success and whether technically everything still corresponds to the current standards.

For many, the New Year is the perfect time to think about such things. Personal and professional goals can then be best reconsidered and new strategies can be designed. To make this perhaps a little easier, we have put together five questions that anyone should answer that would like to achieve good sales in 2018 with Affiliate Marketing in the dating area.

1. Mobile first or mobile only?
Today, it’s no longer a question of whether you need a mobile strategy at all – it’s time to rethink whether it makes sense to think about strategies that are purely desktop-friendly. Finally, the proportion of those who go on a PC or laptop in search of a date, continues to decrease. To bundle forces and to use them profitably, this question is one of the most important.

2. Can Influencer Marketing play a role?
Hardly no marketing method is currently as hotly debated as that of influencer marketing. Others, who have a long reach in social media channels, let advertise, can drive the sales in the air. However, it is just barely visible in the dating area. Is it the sensitive topic or was it tried and rejected? Has nobody but dared to date? It could be an exciting experiment!

3. Do Adblocker affect our success?
More and more people use Adblocker – partly consciously, partly simply because it is integrated into the browser or other security tools. As a result, advertising is played less, click rates fall, the revenue decreases. We may still be at the beginning and it is not very clear, but that could change in 2018. If you want to be prepared for this, you should at least put strategies in the drawer, which in the worst case can then be implemented quickly. In general, it should be considered how users can be won in the long run without PopUps, Exits, Layer etc.

4. Does the content strategy still fit?
Marketing without matching content is next to impossible. Also in the dating area is not enough just a beautiful picture in order to generate many customers in the long term. Especially for the future, video content is becoming increasingly important and it is also important to consider how the trend of live streams can be implemented. Especially in the dating market no easy task. However, when you think about the content strategy, you can not get around these issues.

5. Are we prepared for new technologies?
Whether voice-search, AI, cross-device tracking or similar: Almost every week there are reports about new technologies that affect the marketing or the offers themselves. Of course you can not be one of the first movers everywhere – but you should keep an eye on them. And you should also develop a sense of what is really important in the future. If you miss the connection, it will be difficult to stand up to the competition!

Of course, there are many more aspects to play in the planning for 2018 – but with these points is already a good basis. Being aware of this will also provide solutions to other issues that are guaranteed to arise.