Server software scores with additional features

More and more software are competing for both the attention and customers, therefore, the manufacturers have to come up with ideas to secure their market share. Even with server management software, it is no longer just a user-friendly interface to convince users of the purpose. Plesk knows that and introduces new features with the new software version! With Cloudfest, the meeting of the international hosting scene, is the right setting for the presentation of the new concept.

Plesk is one of the most popular server management software providers and has many years of experience. That’s why they know exactly what customers expect from the software and how to make their daily work a little easier and more enjoyable. Then comes the features into the game, which one does not expect from a server administration, but only gladly uses. There are some with the new Plesk version “Onyx”.

For example, WordPress users can look forward to a great toolkit. Plesk understands that users’ update laziness is the biggest security risk and therefore offers the possibility of automatic updates. As far as that is nothing special – it is not only the WordPress software itself updated, but also the themes and plugins that are used. Anyone who is afraid that a website may be smashed unnoticed, is certainly thrilled by the artificial intelligence, which checks in advance by means of screenshots the compatibility of the update.

In addition to some help in terms of security, there is also a new SEO toolkit on Plesk Onyx 17.8, which can also monitor some keywords in addition to the competition observation. No extra tools or logins are necessary for this – everything happens in the familiar interface and thus saves a lot of time.

Plesk shows that server management software is anything but boring and can score not only the actual functions but also many useful extras. Especially for users who tend to be on the side of technology, this can be the starting point for more security and understanding of the processes.