Quick help with questions!

As an affiliate, today nobody can rely more on one mainstay – we are aware of that. On the one hand, there are different areas and niches that can be served and on the other, not all traffic fits every offer. So now, you are then quickly registered with many varieties of programs and each of them are structured differently. That can be confusing and you will not always find everything you need without much searching. That’s why at imaXcash we’ve built a Help Center that answers the most frequently asked questions about the system.

The help center is clearly divided into different areas, so it is not necessary to search long for the current question. The most frequently asked questions webmasters have about the imaXcash system are summarized and of course answered. Many questions are also available and short videos that shows step by step how it works.

Of course, the Help Center is maintained and updated so that it is always up to date. Access to the Help Center shows that this area is well received by webmasters and is perfect for quick help. For all questions that cannot be answered via the Help Center, of course, the support is always available. Whether by email, live chat or even Skype, the team will be happy to take care of your questions about imaXcash, the products and advertising material and we will also be happy to help you with any questions about marketing strategies and other things.