Computers that are the size of a grain of salt?

Technology inspires and amazes us again and again. If you think about the fact that a modern cell phone brings many times more computing power than a room-filling computer did 30 years ago, that’s really remarkable and computer companies are always working hard to score with even smaller devices. It’s also an issue at IBM – so they developed a computer that is the size of a coarse grain of salt.

It’s really unbelievable, what is possible today and how natural we are with all the innovation. For example, the computer prototype that IBM introduced, providing a bit of dust between coarse-grained salts, makes it clear that we live in a damnably cool time! Okay, the performance of the mini-computer is not really intoxicating and more comparable to an x86 PC from the 90s. But for that he is really very small and above all, cheap in the production: under 10 US cents!

But what do you do with such a small computer? On the one hand, of course, it will be used as a basis for further development. With time, he will certainly be able to bring more power. But even now there are applications for the mini-PC. For example, it can be used firmly in products of all kinds to protect against theft or the like. It will also be more likely possible with such a computer to make the counterfeiting of products.

The little marvel of technology is still only a prototype and therefore it is not clear if it really is used. What he can do and above all, at what price, makes it interesting to think about further possible uses and thus production. In any case, it is exciting what the future can bring us and certainly such mini-computers or the like will soon be everyday life for us and right now you are certainly tinkering somewhere again on something that will be even more amazing.