Handy Color Tool for Designers

When it comes to web design, creativity is the key. Even when one uses a turn key templates or CMS, more often than not – a question comes up: What colors should I use this time?

The existing theme of a website is a given, but one often wants to use similar yet not entirely identical colors. This may not always be an easy task – an inspiration or a suitable tool comes handy, when it comes to choosing a harmonic color combination.

While there are likely thousands of tools available, that deal with colors and color palettes. One of the most wide spread and proven is the Color from Adobe. What’s more – the tool is free. One can save his own color palettes and templates for future use. All that one needs is to have a valid Adobe ID and everything stays available free of charge.

Once you load the tool one can see the wide variety of options the Adobe Color offers. What’s the most important part – one can not select color combinations, that would not fit together. Since there are in-built rules that follow color combination requirements.

There’s a major amount of options to choose and all sorts of various color combinations are generated at a click of the mouse. Including a complemental colors. One can also define his own preferences in a user-defined mode.

What may many designers find especially appealing – one can also create various color gradients, and easily store or export them. One can also easily import a picture or a photo and store all including the gradient. All the gradients can be further segmented, each segment can also be used separately.

If one needs an additional inspiration – all one needs is to click on “explore” and choose from a ready-made color palettes, that were created to fit various themes and can be used instantly. Besides that, there are also examples related to various themes or even architecture.

If this wouldn’t be enough, one can also search for keywords related to the desired colors, feel or objects etc. The various features and ease of use make Adobe Color for a must have tool for just about any designer!