Marketing in the Corona Times

The Corona pandemics poses a brand new challenge, in fact a lot of challenges. Everything is upside down and what was true yesterday may be irrelevant today. This also extends to the work management, and business in general.

While we online marketers may be lucky to continue working (many don’t have any work at all), and some even experience a spike in traffic acquisition or online earnings, there are specifics that may need to be dealt with. One may think about a different approach and it’s also worth evaluating the recent change in ad rates.

Recently, one can read that the Facebook or Google ad rates went notably lower. Of course this doesn’t apply to every single vertical and there still certain target groups or keywords that are extremely expensive, and very competitive. A business savvy person with a creative approach may be able to find ways to earn and to deliver value in these difficult times.

When it comes to social distancing and all sorts of restriction – one needs to adjust the language and content of his ads, to reflect the new reality. Of course when it comes to dating, the language and promotion needs to be adjusted as well.

What’s to consider is that everything positive or entertaining is a rare and much needed find these days. One should then incorporate this in his marketing presentation. Focus on ways to distract one from the grim reality in the quarantene, to share the time with other singles.

While it’s easier to reach a consumer mass behind their computers or on their smart phones, it is also important to adjust the presentation and manage their expectations. A thorough evaluation of one’s promotion may be key to success, no matter if it comes to the product owners, or marketers.