Webmaster Education at Google Directly

Do you ever plan to take your SEO knowledge to the next level? Do you struggle to find time or the right course that would be a fit? Maybe now is the time, to take advantage of the unplanned time available in the Quarantine, and hone one’s skills. Why not use Google itself as the tutor?

An initiative was started, in order to make up for the lack of physical events and conferences related to webmastering. A new video series should be aimed at those that deal with SEO and webmastering as a hobby or profession alike. The series should be called “Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks” and to be released soon.

Short and information rich – that’s the motto for the series. Google Developer Advocate Martin Splitt promises that this shorter video format should successfully fill in for regular webmaster events. The video series should debut at the Google Webmasters Youtube Channel in April, and there should be more released later during the year.

While not all topics are set and decided yet, based on an initial trailer topics like JavaScript, Link Building, HTTPS, Search console use ,or Google’s guidelines for monetization should all be included. One can expect a very solid palette of topics and a no-nonsense approach – a one of a kind opportunity.